JJMcNeil Commercial Inc.

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Most Real Estate brokerages are sales centric organizations putting sales, prospecting and the related training above the fundamentals and complexities of real estate. Twenty years experience or one year experience twenty times? At JJMcNeil our experience is rooted in commercial real estate, our principals have extensive experience in portfolio management, major developments, transaction management for institutional investors and corporate occupiers and have been directly responsible for lease negotiations for both the Landlord and for the Tenant.

We use this extensive experience to effectively counter the strong position that landlords have in the market to put Tenants on a equal footing and negotiate lower real estate costs, minimized real estate occupancy risks, improve flexibility and occupancy control, and create more productive work environments for Office, Retail and Industrial clients.

Additionally JJMcNEIL is the market leader in Green Buildings and Sustainable work places. We integrate sustainability into the traditional leasing process. We track all of Ottawa’s green buildings, the availability of leased space in these buildings and the overall growth of the green market, providing clients with qualitative and quantitative metrics of features that reduce operating costs, reduce tenants’ capital requirements for both initial and ongoing leasehold improvements, as well as design features that specifically increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism.

We provide the full range of real estate advisory services and have the knowledge and expertise to help your company in its quest for sustainability.